Arts and Entertainment Department

Arts and Entertainment Department volunteers assist with giveaways, sponsorships, event listings, as well as interviews and reviews related to literary arts, music, film, visual arts, theatre and dance. The material airs during CJSF's regular broadcast as part of the spoken word programming component and text reviews are publishedhere.Read more...

Music Department

Without stating the obvious, volunteers in the Music Department oversee CJSF's music programming and music library. They maintain and acquire a wide selection of recorded material for all of CJSF's music programming. This involves intensive listening, categorizing, labeling and filing.Read more...

Production Department

Production volunteers produce unique and creative station IDs and public service announcements (PSA). They also help and train other volunteers to use the production studio. Production volunteers also assist the Public Affiars Department to edit and prepare field recordings, news and interviews for broadcast.Read more...

Public Affairs Department

Volunteers in the Public Affairs Department produce CJSF's spoken word programs, particularly public affairs programs. They also participate in spoken word collectives, such as That Chinese Show and The News Collective. The shows are designed to generate ideas and share resources among spoken word programmers.Read more...

Public Relations Department

Volunteers in the Public Relations Department work to promote CJSF Radio, both on and off campus, through things like concert and outdoor broadcasting events, promotional materials such as t-shirts, stickers and brochures, and via press releases to different media contacts. Those in the department also help CJSF's programmers to promote their radio shows.Read more...

Training Department

Training department volunteers train new volunteers on the ins and outs of programming. Most people who come to CJSF to volunteer have no previous radio experience. Our training program get you started on your way to hosting your own radio program! Read more...

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