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05:00:00Maximum RocknRoll Radio

DIY punk
MRR Radio is a one-hour weekly radio show that plays DIY punk rock from around the world.

Mozhgan Sohrabi

A show in Farsi highlighting music, culture and interviews from the Persian community.
07:00:00Nasha Volna

Ludmila Mihalevich

Russian news, music, events
Russian language programs featuring international and local news with special attention to the latest events in Russian speaking countries. Also featuring music, interviews and information about local community events.
09:00:00Radio Ecoshock

Science & Social Justice
Latest science, authors, issues - from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, peak oil, the economy, and peace.
10:00:00Speak Up!

We've Got Something to Say!
CJSF's Public Affairs and Talk Magazine show, featuring a wide variety of community-minded stories and conversations. Produced by CJSF's Public Affairs & Talk Department
11:00:00Democracy Now!

Progressive News and more...
Hosted by award-winning journalist Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! is a daily, grassroots, independent news program. Tune in to hear from international journalists, everyday citizens, activists, artists, academics, grassroots leaders and independent analysts.

New Music
Jumbalaya features the newest music from our playlist every week, and new hosts spicing up the airwaves.

New Music
Jumbalaya features the newest music from our playlist every week, and new hosts spicing up the airwaves.

Laura Scheck, Zoe Vedova

Music by Women
FemConquest features music exclusively by women! The program follows FemCon guidelines, whereby all music must be composed, performed, and/or written primarily by women. FemConquest aims to bring attention to the often underrepresented and overlooked women in music. If you like us, find us on Facebook @femconquest !
15:00:00Franco Delice

Fiona Robertson

French music, art, culture and issues.
16:00:00Voice of the North

Hershy (Xu) He

Mandarin news
Produced by Radio Canada International in Mandarin, Voice of the North provides Canadian news and is targeted towards new Canadian immigrants.
17:00:00ESSENCEtial Conversations

Lucca Hallex, Rebecca Mears

Uncovering the essence of change.
This show features lively conversations with grass-roots change-makers in areas such as social justice, the environment,and innovative thinking.

Michael Montague

Records, Things, Stuff
Things, Stuff, Records
20:00:00Straight No Chaser

Matthew Chan, Trevor Chan

Underground Hip Hop
Funky sounds from the hip-hop diaspora.
22:00:00The Observatory

mark de monoloq, 森 mori the mermaid, the nameless one

Electronic • Acoustic • Illusion □◼︎•◦
øbserve there is no øbserver, øbserve there is no sound, øbserve there are no voices, streaming from no cloud. claude nein. øbserve there is no this, øbserving this, here now. øbserve there is no self, appearing as the TAO. øbservant servants of no mind, no ego to reflect... the music happens by itself, both artist and the sesh. no cosmic rush of feels and squeals, expressing all that be... ever came and ever left, the lone øbserving "me". si, myself & i agree to freestyle thru the night... the intelligence of everything, will dance my freedom right. i am alive. or am i....? [keep øbserving!...] instagram: @observatoryradio show archive :
00:30:00Observatory Overnight Oscillations

Observatory Overtime


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